The Beer Palate of the Legion

Posted by on 7/13/2015

After years of collecting info on you, our customer, we must interrupt our typical light-hearted shenanigans with something very serious- cold, hard, scientific data. The Vassago super computers have been hard at work processing very sensitive data that our valued subjects (AKA: Vassago riders) have shared with us. We are excited to release our findings in the following declassified report.

Notable observations: While all microbreweries and specific beers were simply too numerous to plot on a legible graph, one observation was clear: Many subjects surveyed (AKA: Vassago riders) expressed a strong preference towards a specific microbrew of superior quality, sourced from a production facility (AKA: brewery) within a small geographical radius of their frequent recreational destination (AKA: trailhead). Duh.

So here you have it. The Beer Palate of the Vassago Legion. Enjoy.

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The Vassago Team