Wetcat Geometry


WETCAT!! Vassago's founders nailed the 29er geometry back in the day and we all fell in love with the handling and awesomeness. The following is the best explanation of WETCAT and the mantra has not changed over time because it just works! Test ride one and see for yourself...

The controversial 29er geometry approach that Vassago was scorned for back in '05 seams to be more and more common as we enter 2013. We are OK with that because it means big wheels have come into their own, and the bigger companies are catching on. We stand by our WetCat design and haven't changed a thing. Here's the pitch from "back in the day".


When refining our exclusive WetCat Geometry, We peed in the eye of tradition and ignored the number-obsessed skeptics.

Our long wheelbases, steep seat tubes and slack head tubes made us true blasphemers in the frame design world. As the critics baulked, we honed our angles and tube diameters, to fully utilized the big wheels we are so faithful to.

Now, with so many podium finishes under our belt, and a legion of happy Vassago riders, we confidently say;

  • 29ers should NOT try to handle like a 26" bike..They're 29ers.
  • 29 inch wheels are the Cat's Pajamas.
  • Long chainstays are the Bee's Knees.
  • It's all about the rider's balance in relation to the wheels, not just numbers on paper.
  • Slack doesn't have to mean slow.
  • 1996 Norba geometry theory dose not apply to 29ers
  • The Easter Bunny and Santy Claus are the same guy.

So what can WetCat do for you?

Climb the nastiest technical sections like a wet cat climbs the drapes a grandma's house. (what you never did that?)

Traction to spare, and a neutralized rider position will have you cleaning sections you never expected, and have your buddies buyin' you rounds when the pedalin's done.

Stability is your best friend when speed is what you're looking for. The centrifugal force of fast spinning big hoops and the long, steel frame offer confidence to rival a full squishy bike at speed.

9 to 5 is just plain wrong. For those of you who's therapy is an nice epic ride on a Sunday morning, we have your prescription. Between the balanced geometry and the unrivaled ridability of steel, a vassago will keep you cumfy in the saddle as long as your legs can keep pushing.

Where it all comes together. Our unique frame geometries all work together to provide a perfectly balanced 29er that feels like no other 29er you've ridden.

Forget the many tallish, slow handling 29ers that are becoming all to common. We center the riders weight between the wheel centers for a distinctive feel of riding IN the bike, not ON TOP of big tall wheels.

Test ride a Vassago and then test ride anything else with twice the price tag. You'll see what we mean.


 A Word About Chainstays

Generally speaking, we have noticed the media and thus the general opinion is that the shorter the chainstays, the better. Like we have said all along, our dedicated approach to designing 29ers tells us this is bullocks. While short stays are great on a 26" bike and enhance the characteristics of that type of bike, our bikes are built to climb. Since most of your time, blood, sweat and tears involved in a day long epic are spent climbing, we focus on that.

The WetCat geometry further enhance the climbing benefits of the 29" wheels by aligning the rider's COG (center of gravity) inside the rear axle line when on a steep accent.

To use another motorsport analogy, dirt bikes are converted to hill climb monsters by adding more power and stretching the rear wheel further out.  When applied to mountain bikes, this means a more relaxed climbing position that takes the focus off of balancing the bike and lets you put all your energy into putting the power down.

The secondary benefit of using longer stays that you can get away with on 29ers is the all day comfort factor. Proper butting profiles in a longer steel chainstay offers a level of compliance like no other hard tail.