2017 VerHauen 29er/29+

2017 VerHauen 29er/29+


Here you go... this is the last of the coveted True Temper OX Platinum VerHauen frames. True Temper stopped production of bicycle tubing, so we used up our remaining inventory of tubing to create a few super sweet VerHauen frames. Once these are gone, they are gone. The colors listed are the only colors available, however we do have a couple unpainted so you can go crazy if you want (just purchase the unpainted frame and contact us to decide on color - turn around about 2 weeks).

All 2017 VerHaeun frames are either 135mm quick release rear dropouts, or 142x12mm rear dropouts... sorry no boost options available. The standard frames fit up to a 2.4" tire, the plus frames fit up to a 3" tire

There are few places as cool as the North American Handmade Bike Show. The community, innovation, creativity and passion on display there are perhaps matched, but never surpassed in any market or industry in the world. We set out to capture the substantive benefits available in the handmade bicycle scene – the differences in the bike that affect you as a rider and affect your riding experience, but at a dramatically more approachable price point. The result is the VerHauen: US-made, 100% True Temper OX Platinum size-specific tubing;  44mm headtube; fantastically refined, nimble FastCat Geometry; stunning translucent paint; and sliding dropouts that let riders configure the bike with vertical or thru-axle dropouts andas a geared or singlespeed bike.  Most importantly, the Verhauen delivers the constant-grin-evoking exceptional ride quality that’s expected, but sometimes lacking, from truly refined steel tubing and craftsmanship. 

Whether or not you’ll find Vassago on the NAHBS floor in the future has yet to be determined. But far more important to us is that we will always offer bikes like the Verhauen: Blazing fast, super-fun, well made in the US-of-A, and available to the rider for a price that is often less than half that of comparable bikes from most of the artisans in the handmade scene.

2017 VerHauen 29er/29+

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